NewsGlobal Israeli Embassies on High Alert Amid Fears of Iranian Revenge

Global Israeli Embassies on High Alert Amid Fears of Iranian Revenge

Iran accused Israel of attacking the consulate in Syria and promised to respond.
Iran accused Israel of attacking the consulate in Syria and promised to respond.

7:01 AM EDT, April 5, 2024

Israeli embassies globally have escalated to the highest state of alert. Israeli media indicate that there's a prevailing fear among diplomats of becoming targets for Iranian retaliation after the Tehran consulate in Syria was destroyed.

Due to escalating threats of Iranian attacks on Israeli diplomats, reports "The Jerusalem Post," citing witnesses, embassies worldwide are on high alert. Some ambassadors, concerned for their safety, have opted out of attending public events. Anxiety spiked following an Israeli airstrike on the Damascus consulate, which led to the demise of Mohammad Reza Zahedi, a high-ranking member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Israel has refuted earlier reports that it had evacuated diplomatic missions across the globe.

Will Iran retaliate against Israel?

An airstrike on Monday obliterated the Iranian consulate located near the embassy compound in Damascus's Mezzeh district. This strike resulted in the death of Mohammad Reza Zahedi, the commander of the elite Al-Quds unit active in Syria and Lebanon.

Alongside him, General Mohammad Hadi Hadjirahimi, his deputy, five other officers, and at least one Hezbollah member were killed. This information comes from two Lebanese security force sources speaking to Reuters.

Iran's Supreme Leader declared, "The malevolent regime will face consequences." He further vowed, "They will deeply regret this atrocity and others, as God wills it," as Ali Khamenei stated. Hezbollah, too, vowed retaliation on Tuesday.

Source: "Jerusalem Post", WP News

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