NewsGlobal flashpoints. Suriname aids Haiti, US pauses Israel ammo delivery

Global flashpoints. Suriname aids Haiti, US pauses Israel ammo delivery

President of Suriname Chan Santokhi declared that his government is ready to send its military and police forces to Haiti.
President of Suriname Chan Santokhi declared that his government is ready to send its military and police forces to Haiti.
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7:23 AM EDT, May 6, 2024

While you were sleeping, significant developments occurred worldwide between Sunday and Monday. Here's a concise summary of the crucial reports from international news agencies:

- Suriname offers military and police aid to Haiti: In response to the harrowing gang violence in Haiti, Suriname's President Chan Santokhi announced on Sunday his readiness to deploy military and police forces to stabilize Haiti during its transitional period, as reported by PAP. During a press conference in Paramaribo, Suriname's capital, Santokhi, revealed that preparations are underway to assemble a task force comprising police and military units destined to support the "fraternal nation." This initiative is expected to coincide with the deployment of a Kenyan police contingent, which has faced over six months of delays, and its participation remains uncertain.

- Devastating floods in Brazil's south claim lives: The southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul has been battered by severe floods following torrential rains, resulting in at least 78 fatalities and 105 missing individuals, as conveyed by local authorities on Sunday, according to Reuters. The disaster has displaced over 115,000 people, wrecked infrastructure, and caused widespread power outages and water shortages. As reported on Sunday evening, about 400,000 residents were left without electricity, and a significant portion of the state's population faced water scarcity.

- The Philippines seeks to avoid escalation in the South China Sea: President Ferdinand Marcos Jr of the Philippines declared on Monday his government's intent to abstain from utilizing water cannons or any aggressive measures in the South China Sea disputes, aiming to prevent escalating tensions in this critical maritime region, reports Reuters Agency. This stance comes in the wake of Beijing's use of water cannons against Philippine vessels, an action Manila has criticized as hazardous and provocative.

- Pause on ammunition delivery to Israel, a first for the US: In an unprecedented move since the onset of the conflict initiated by Hamas in 2023, the US administration has halted the shipment of US-manufactured ammunition to Israel, Axios reported on Sunday, citing statements from two Israeli officials. This decision has sparked considerable alarm within the Israeli government and attracted criticism towards President Joe Biden from some segments of the American public for his stance on supporting Israel.

- Nigerian opposition to US and French military presence: Key Nigerian figures, particularly from the northern regions, alongside intellectuals and civil society groups, have expressed opposition to President Bola Tinubu's potential allowance of US and French military bases to relocate from the Sahel to Nigeria, PAP reports. An open letter cautioned against succumbing to the lobbying efforts of both governments seeking new defense agreements to relocate soldiers expelled from Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger.

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