EntertainmentGiorgia Meloni broke up with her partner. Scandalous recordings

Giorgia Meloni broke up with her partner. Scandalous recordings

The head of the Italian government has split up with her long-term partner.
The head of the Italian government has split up with her long-term partner.
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6:41 AM EDT, October 22, 2023

The Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, announced a breakup with her partner, the well-known television presenter Andrea Giambruno. The reason was vulgar recordings compromising Giambruno, revealed by journalists. The couple had been together for almost 10 years and had a daughter.

For years, Giambruno had been leading the news program "Diario del giorno" on Mediaset, founded by former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The presenter became the center of a scandal, which was exposed by journalists of the satirical political program "Striscia la notizia", broadcast on the same station. They presented recordings in which sexist, vulgar comments made by the man towards a female colleague can be heard, whom he was apparently encouraging to have intercourse.

According to Reuters agency, the released recordings also feature Giambruno's stories of romance, as well unsavory propositions directed at his colleagues. The presenter allegedly said that women could work for him if they agreed to group sex.

Giorgia Meloni broke up with Andrea Giambruno

The head of the Italian government announced her breakup on social media on Friday, October 20. "My relationship with Andrea Giambruno, which lasted almost 10 years, ends here. I thank him for the wonderful years we spent together, for the difficulties we went through, and for giving me the most important thing in my life, our daughter Ginevra. Our paths have long parted and the time has come to realize this" - wrote Giorgia Meloni and added: "I will defend what we were, I will defend our friendship and at all costs I will defend a seven-year-old girl who loves her mother and loves her father".

The Prime Minister of Italy also made a poignant appeal. "To those who hope to weaken me by stirring up my private affairs, I remind them that a rock remains a rock, and a drop that tries to crush it is only water," she wrote.

Gambruno gave advice on how to avoid rape

The scandal revealed by "Striscia la notizia" was not the only one involving Andrea Giambruno recently. The presenter has made inappropriate comments on group rapes in Palermo and Caivano earlier this year. - If you go dancing, you have every right to get drunk, but if you avoid getting drunk and losing consciousness, you might also avoid troubles - said the presenter.

Giorgia Meloni's former partner also became famous for his scandalous words about immigrants, whom he compared to the seasonal driving of cattle, as well as for denying the climate crisis.

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