LifestyleGigi Hadid breathes new life into 80s fashion with an all-green, Grace Jones-inspired look

Gigi Hadid breathes new life into 80s fashion with an all‑green, Grace Jones-inspired look

Gigi Hadid in an outfit styled from the 80s.
Gigi Hadid in an outfit styled from the 80s.
Images source: © Getty Images | TheStewartOfNY
11:18 AM EST, January 31, 2024

With photographers perpetually in hot pursuit, she strides confidently ahead, perched on slender, high heels. Her daunting attire demands such a confident mien. As the saying goes, the right outfit transforms a woman, influencing how she walks, sits, and talks. Undoubtedly, this outfit made Gigi Hadid feel like a million dollars.

The Allure of Deep Green

Deep green is a color that has burst into the fashion scene. It has outgrown its association with Christmas green and emerged as a brilliant addition to modern, retro-themed fashion. This shade can create captivating color combinations with hues like pink, purple, and azure. However, nothing can match the charm it imparts to an outfit when used as a stand-alone fashion statement.

Hadid hasn't looked this alluring in a while

Gigi Hadid showcased her innovative fashion sense by dressing head-to-toe in green. This was not simply a figurative description, but a literal reality. Her shoes seamlessly flowed into her pants creating an illusion of a continuous outfit. The fashionable hood was the cherry on top of this well-crafted ensemble.

The Glamourhood - Reviving an 80s Trend

Glamourhoods are back in vogue. These fashionable hoods are not simply limited to dresses, but go a step further by exploring different leather textures. Gigi Hadid's jacket is a genuine work of art. The design features an exaggerated shoulder line, slim cuffs, prominent flaps, and a waist-accentuating belt, all crowned with an immodestly large hood. Clearly, this ensemble was inspired by the 80s fashion style, reminiscent of the audacious wardrobes donned by one of the biggest stars of that time - Grace Jones.

A Masterwork of an Outfit on Gigi Hadid

The voluminous top paired with figure-hugging pants provided the perfect balance to Gigi's ensemble. The model's sky-reaching legs in snug leather pants and high heels were an absolute spectacle.

In today's fashion scene where the only rule is that there are no rules, the oversized jacket complemented by slim pants is a combination worth considering. Despite being side-lined in recent years, they have massive potential.

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