Tips&TricksGet your grill sizzle-ready. Essential prep and tools for a safe BBQ season

Get your grill sizzle-ready. Essential prep and tools for a safe BBQ season

How to prepare the grill for the new season?
How to prepare the grill for the new season?
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8:39 AM EDT, April 12, 2024

The grilling season is just around the corner, particularly its official kickoff. Organizing outdoor gatherings around the grill has become a beloved tradition in spring and summer. But how should you prepare your grill, and what accessories are essential? Not only will your sausages be less tasty without proper preparation, but they could also be harmful.

Many people neglect to prepare their grill for the season until the last minute or skip it altogether. This procrastination can lead to significant problems because the grill might not be in optimal condition after winter. If you're unsure how to get your grill ready, clean, and safe, follow these crucial tips. They will help you prevent potential disasters while serving grilled dishes.

How to prepare the grill for the season?

Start by inspecting your grill closely. If you kept it covered throughout winter, you're already one step ahead. The best initial step for preparing the grill is to clean its exterior with a microfiber cloth and a homemade solution of warm water and dish soap.

Next, inspect the inside of the grill. Its condition will vary depending on how well you cleaned it at the end of last season. If the grate were left dirty, mold or fungi likely would have grown on the remnants, posing health risks.

Eliminating these hazards is crucial to prevent unhygienic grilling, which could lead to serious poisoning. The most effective method is burning off the grill or pyrolysis. Heat the grill to 572 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes, then clean it afterward.

After heating, scrub the grate with a stainless steel wire brush and apply a coat of either rice oil or canola oil, as they have high smoke points. If you have a gas grill, don't neglect to check the gas installation for your safety.

What accessories are needed for the grill?

Once your grill is season-ready, consider if you have all the necessary accessories. Beyond the grate, efficient outdoor cooking requires tongs, spatulas, and stainless steel baking racks. The specific accessories you'll need might vary depending on your grill type. For instance, charcoal grill users will need fuel and a scoop.

Before inviting guests, plan a varied menu and ensure you haven't forgotten about dishes, cutlery, and especially trays, which are indispensable when preparing vegetables or cheeses.

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