LifestyleGet Trendy with TikTok's latest obsession: Cherry mocha nails

Get Trendy with TikTok's latest obsession: Cherry mocha nails

"Cherry mocha nails" are a hit for fall and winter 2023.
"Cherry mocha nails" are a hit for fall and winter 2023.
Images source: © Instagram, lmn_love_my_nails

11:52 AM EST, November 8, 2023

Wondering which nail color trend will dominate the fall-winter season of 2023? Ladies, get ready for the grand return of red. Not the glaring, attention-grabbing shade, but a rich and enticing one. The "cherry mocha nails" trend is already making waves online.

It comes as no surprise that during the fall and winter, dark shades take the helm in nail styling. These include plum purples, bottle greens, and chocolate browns - colors that not only match the weather, but also complement cozy sweaters and coats in basic tones.

Regardless, if you're keen on staying in-step with manicure trends, familiarize yourself with the "cherry mocha" shade. This stunning shade has captivated TikTok and Instagram users. It is deep, hypnotic, and truly irresistible.

Coffee-inspired nails with a touch of chocolate and cherries

The notorious bloody red is making way for something new. "Cherry mocha nails" are slated to be the hit trend for fall 2023. Inspired by a popular coffee chain’s blend of espresso, milk, chocolate mocha sauce, and cherry syrup, this shade replicates its rich tones. The color is a tasteful mix of dark red with dark brown. Classic nail design fans can't help but fall in love with it. The "cherry mocha" shade flatters both long and short nails, as well as almond and square shapes.

Create a striking effect with two colors

Want to try the "cherry mocha nails" trend but can't find the exact shade of nail polish? Don’t fret, there’s a popular internet hack. First, apply a layer of chocolate brown polish, and after it dries, coat it with a layer of classic, dark red. The resulting shade is tantalizing.

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