LifestyleGet rid of unsightly wall stains and mold with these low-cost methods

Get rid of unsightly wall stains and mold with these low‑cost methods

This mixture will remove black marks from the walls.
This mixture will remove black marks from the walls.
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12:09 PM EST, January 18, 2024

The color of the walls significantly contributes to interior design. Unfortunately, they can become stained over time, specifically near the baseboards. Such stains are seldom due to neglect; rather, they result from accidental mishaps. For instance, even bumping the wall a few times with a vacuum cleaner, vigorously removing shoes, or brushing against the wall while moving a chair can create unsightly stains.

Cleaning dirty walls

Before deciding to repaint a room or resigning to the small stains that have occurred as a result of accidental contact, you might want to try a straightforward cleaning mixture that can effectively remove black spots.

To make this cleaning solution, mix water, and fabric softener in a ratio of four caps of water to one cap of fabric softener. Subsequently, dampen a soft, cotton cloth with this mixture, gently wipe the walls, and watch the dirt disappear.

Removing mold from walls

A more significant issue that can emerge on walls is mold. A cost-effective alternative to chemical agents can offer help in this situation. Simply purchase tea tree oil from the pharmacy. It's cost-effective, yet equally powerful.

Mix two teaspoons of the oil with two cups of warm water, transfer into a spray bottle, then lightly spray this blend on the moldy wall and let it sit for three days. After this period, wash the area thoroughly with soap and water and allow it to dry.

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