NewsGermany warns of possible 10 million refugees from Ukraine, calls for increased military aid

Germany warns of possible 10 million refugees from Ukraine, calls for increased military aid

Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz
Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz
Images source: © PAP | PAP/EPA/SHAWN THEW
5:15 PM EST, February 10, 2024

As per the German government's scenario, should the war be lost, about 10 million more people are expected to leave Ukraine. Most of these people would migrate to Western Europe, with Germany being one of the prospective destinations.

In light of this, Roderich Kiesewetter, CDU foreign policy expert, calls for an increased military aid to Ukraine from its supporting countries, noting the current delay from the USA.

"If our strategic support for Ukraine is not amended, the likelihood of the worst scenarios - a massive exodus from Ukraine and the war spreading to NATO countries - increases significantly. The estimated 10 million refugees could possibly be an underestimate," he told "Welt am Sonntag".

Migration analyst Gerald Knaus also asserts that such an occurrence is probable.

"If Ukraine were to lose the war, the EU could receive significantly more than 10 million refugees. We are currently witnessing the largest displacement of refugees within Europe since the 1940s," he told the newspaper. Over a million people have fled Ukraine to Germany since the onset of the Russian war of aggression in February 2022.

"Europe must take the initiative"

Simultaneously, Michael Roth (SPD), the Chairman of the Bundestag's Foreign Affairs Committee, opines that "if the United States continues to disappoint in terms of support, Europe must seize the initiative".

"The EU should consider taking on joint responsibility for financial management. This primarily involves financing the Ukrainian budget and long-term reconstruction. It also includes a more rapid increase in European defense production and the procurement of military equipment, particularly ammunition for Ukraine, not only from Europe but also on the global market," he said.

Despite the current upheavals in Ukraine, the German government predicts that the country will be able to sustain its defense and stability through financial and military means until the end of 2024, as per information from "Welt am Sonntag". Both German services and Western analysts perceive major breakthroughs on the front as unlikely within this year.

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