NewsGermany urges mobilization of 900,000 reservists amid rising tensions

Germany urges mobilization of 900,000 reservists amid rising tensions

German politician Marie-Agnes Starck-Zimmermann calls for "activating" trained Bundeswehr reservists
German politician Marie-Agnes Starck-Zimmermann calls for "activating" trained Bundeswehr reservists
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9:19 AM EDT, June 2, 2024

Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, the chair of the Bundestag Defense Committee, calls for the immediate mobilization of 900,000 reservists into the army. "Putin is training his people for war and positioning them against the West. We must, therefore, become capable of defense as quickly as possible," she asserts.

"All of this is frightening," Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann told German media. She notes that Russia, which is at war with Ukraine, not only produces enormous amounts of weapons but also wages a propaganda war against other countries. "School books are printed that portray Germany as an aggressor state. Primary-school-age children are trained to use weapons," emphasized Strack-Zimmermann.

She called to "activate 900,000 German reservists in light of Russia's threatening policies." The first step is to update the registers. "Former soldiers who served in the armed forces of former communist East Germany and never joined the Bundeswehr after German reunification in 1990 are not included," the politician notes.

Strack-Zimmermann added that even if the German army managed to recruit only half of these trained citizens, the Bundeswehr could use their experience and skills, which would bring tremendous benefits.

The matter of verifying the lists of people capable of military service in Germany was also raised a few weeks ago by the chairman of the Bundeswehr Reservists Association, Patrick Sensburg. He proposed that trained citizens be re-registered, taking into account their current health status and availability.

900,000 reservists to reinforce the Bundeswehr? There is a plan to verify the registers

These citizens can be utilized to defend the country and NATO states. To enhance their skills, they could be allowed to participate in military exercises again.

According to the Rheinische Post newspaper, Patrick Sensburg welcomed Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann's initiative. "It is wise and right because we are running out of time to prevent war effectively," said the former CDU MP to the Bundestag.

He also mentioned that his association is working on proposals to support the Bundeswehr. Initially, doctors who are themselves reservists will be involved in these efforts. They can form the first committees to examine the health status of the army's reserve resources.

According to the German station Deutsche Welle, reservists include all soldiers who served in the Bundeswehr. This does not include former National People’s Army soldiers of the GDR, who never served in the Bundeswehr after its dissolution.

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