NewsGermany to double military aid for Ukraine: US struggles for further funds

Germany to double military aid for Ukraine: US struggles for further funds

The German government is increasing the budget to support Ukraine.
The German government is increasing the budget to support Ukraine.
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1:56 PM EST, December 21, 2023

Almost two years have passed since Russia's aggressive actions toward Ukraine. Throughout this period, the western countries have tirelessly aided Ukraine in defending their sovereignty. Following the approval of the 2024 budget, Germany has amplified its funds for Ukraine's military support, raising it from an initially planned 4 billion to 8 billion euros - a 100 percent increase, reports the Centre for Eastern Studies.

That said, there's still more to consider. It's revealed that the German government "has not dismissed the possibility of extending further aid next year, which would result in suspending the so-called debt brake in their federal budget," - according to the Centre for Eastern Studies' website. However, it is important to highlight that the budget draft still requires approval from the German parliament.

In conjunction with this, Berlin has earmarked an additional 10.5 billion euros to meet obligations essential for Ukraine's military support. These obligations will be fulfilled in the upcoming years — as reported by Centre for Eastern Studies. It appears Germany has already allocated 5.66 billion euros to aid Ukraine since the war began.

US has funds left for one more arms package

As stated by the spokesman for the American National Security Council (NSC), John Kirby, on Monday, the US only has sufficient funds to finance one more weapons package for Ukraine.

Kirby was referring to a letter from James McCord, the Pentagon's financial auditor, sent to Congress. In this letter, McCord outlined plans to spend the last billion dollars at their disposal to restock weapons intended for aiding Ukraine. McCord emphasized that without an influx of additional funds from Congress, only one more package could be financed due to the need to retain US military readiness.

Simultaneously, in the US Senate, discussions are underway on how to resolve the impasse over the additional funding bill for Ukraine. The White House has requested 61 billion dollars, an amount projected to suffice for the entire fiscal year, ending in September. Senate Democratic Leader, Chuck Schumer, announced that the vote on the package will take place this week.

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