NewsGermany issues a warning: the Baltic Sea is on the brink of collapse

Germany issues a warning: the Baltic Sea is on the brink of collapse

Baltic. Illustrative picture.
Baltic. Illustrative picture.
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4:31 PM EDT, November 2, 2023

The Baltic Sea ecosystem is reeling from the impact of environmental pollution and overfishing. A recent report paints a grim picture—the situation is dire, says the German media.

"Bild," a German news outlet, scrutinizes the latest report offered by the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission (HELCOM) about the state of the Baltic Sea. This study indicates that there has been almost no improvement over recent years; despite conservation efforts made by ecologists and experts, the condition of the Baltic environment has deteriorated in certain areas.

"Specific species, such as water birds, are facing drastic hardship, particularly along the German coast of the Baltic Sea. The condition is especially serious in the Bay of Kiel, Mecklenburg Bay, and Arkona Basin, where Rugia Island is located. The local porpoise population is also in jeopardy," the newspaper elaborates, drawing data from the report.

The primary challenges for the Baltic Sea continue to be human-induced activities: eutrophication, which refers to the over-enrichment of water, pollution through harmful substances, oxygen depletion, habitat destruction, and overfishing.

It's clear from the report that the impacts of climate change are increasingly being felt in the Baltic Sea region. These impacts lead to a reduction of ice cover duration and a rise in water temperature, which in turn intensifies the number of extreme weather events. Hence, further preventative measures are urgently required to bolster the ecosystem and alleviate the effects of climate change, experts suggest.

A comprehensive assessment of the state of the Baltic Sea is conducted every six years. These reports are products of the collective efforts of HELCOM member states, specialized individuals, and organizations committed to protecting the Baltic region.

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