SportsGermany breaks new ground with original innovation from the Bundesliga

Germany breaks new ground with original innovation from the Bundesliga

German club with a unique innovation for fans.
German club with a unique innovation for fans.
Images source: © Licensor | SV Darmstadt 98

3:33 PM EST, December 8, 2023

German media has reported a fresh initiative by Bundesliga team SV Darmstadt that is impressive for its innovative and eco-friendly appeal. The German club has found a way to deliver products bought from their online store to the fans, and it indeed sounds like a concept straight out of a science fiction movie.

"Bild" reports that SV Darmstadt will be the first football team in the world to deliver goods ordered from the club store to their fans using drones. This has been enabled through a partnership with the airline, "Wingcopter".

The system, designed by the airline, functions as follows: Modern drones transport T-shirts, scarves, and numerous other accessories selected by Darmstadt fans to reloading points situated on the city's outskirts. Here, electric bikes then deliver the products to the end-users. Both the club officials and "Wingcopter" representatives have assured that the delivery method produces zero emissions and is eco-friendly.

It is important to note that this service does come with a minor caveat. The innovative delivery method is only available to fans residing in particular Darmstadt districts, namely Michelstadt, Wurzberg, and Rehbach. Fans from other areas currently have to rely on the traditional method of product delivery.

"In our club's ethos, we have always aimed to blend tradition with innovation and modernity. Collaborating with Wingcopter perfectly exemplifies this desire. We strive to pioneer innovation and continually develop new strategies for bringing our fans closer to the club - or arguably, the other way around. This was expressed by SV Darmstadt's Managing Director, Martin Kowalewski, commenting on the project."

The team is not off to the best start in this Bundesliga season. Out of 13 games, SV Darmstadt has managed to garner only 9 points and is currently at the 16th spot in the ranking. If they maintain this position until the end of the season, they will face a playoff to continue their stint in the Bundesliga.

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