NewsGerman man receives over 130 Covid-19 vaccines with no side effects, study finds

German man receives over 130 Covid-19 vaccines with no side effects, study finds

Germany: A 62-year-old man is said to have received 217 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine (illustrative photo)
Germany: A 62-year-old man is said to have received 217 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine (illustrative photo)
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9:12 AM EST, March 6, 2024

The prosecution brought charges against the 62-year-old, accusing him of deceiving public officials. Evidence showed he received 134 doses. This discrepancy highlights the confusion surrounding his case.

A team led by Prof. Dr. Christian Bogdan explored the impact of multiple vaccinations on the man's health and immune system. Their findings, published in "The Lancet Infectious Diseases" journal, revealed that his immune system functioned normally despite the large number of doses. The researchers noted an increase in certain defense cells and antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 compared to those who received the recommended three doses. However, they cautioned that this case is unique and cannot be generalized to the wider public.

Katharin Kocher, cited by, stated, "The number of memory cells in our 'hyper-vaccinated' patient was as high as in the control group. In general, we found no signs of a weaker immunological response — on the contrary."
The study further revealed that the patient, denoted as the "hyper-vaccinated" man, retained his immune system's ability to respond to other pathogens. Despite being vaccinated with eight different vaccines, including various mRNA types, no recognizable side effects were observed. This finding aligns with the general good tolerance reported for these vaccines.
The man explained he chose to receive such a high number of Covid-19 vaccine doses for personal reasons, which he did not disclose. Experts remind that Covid-19 vaccination does not grant lifelong immunity, advocating for annual vaccinations targeted at the currently dominant coronavirus variant. They prioritize vaccination for individuals over 60, those with immune deficiencies, and individuals with chronic diseases at risk of severe Covid-19 outcomes.
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