NewsGerman defense worries mount: Putin's escalating ambitions could trigger European jeopardy

German defense worries mount: Putin's escalating ambitions could trigger European jeopardy

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin
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10:04 AM EST, December 18, 2023

"By the end of this decade, we could be in jeopardy. We have a few years to brace ourselves for the worst," warns the chief of the German defense department.

"Putin is dramatically ramping up Russian weapons production. According to the Duma's decision, the increase is projected to exceed 60%," declared the German Defense Minister. Hence, he cautions that NATO should likewise be prepared. However, Germany should give serious thought to these Russian plans before any major actions are taken.

The publication Bild affirms that this isn't simply fearmongering. Prominent German experts also voice their apprehensions and highlight the potential threats Germany could face from the Kremlin in the upcoming years. Carlo Masala, Professor of International Politics at the University of the Bundeswehr in Munich, postulates that regardless of the outcome of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russia's land forces could be revitalized within a few years, posing a danger to all of Europe.

By that point, Germany must bolster its military forces, industry, and society, insists Boris Pistorius. Actions must be initiated promptly, as emphasized by the newspaper.

Nico Lange, a German military expert who is also a researcher at the Munich Security Conference, emphasizes the necessity for immediate action. "We are currently not doing enough in Europe to deter Putin, especially considering the potential re-election of Trump. We need capable armed forces and an efficient defense industry to thwart Putin's grandiose ambitions," he states.

Germany vocally warns about Putin's plans and perceived threats

Putin's focus could potentially extend to Latvia, Moldova, and Georgia. The Russians are reportedly already fostering destabilization in those nations. Masala cautions that if Russia perceives less support for Ukraine, it could catalyze an escalation, reinforcing Moscow's impression that NATO may not be poised for a robust defense of the Baltic countries.

Bild notes that all signs suggest that the Bundeswehr is rousing from a prolonged slumber enforced by politicians. Defense Minister Pistorius "has accelerated procurement." "Contracts must be finalized promptly, and the necessary military equipment produced without delay," emphasizes Carlo Masala.

He further highlights Germany's primary issue, wherein the prospect of the Russian Federation attacking NATO countries is still deemed "fairly unlikely" from a political and social perspective. However, we should consider every potential form of Russian aggression that might be contemplated in the Kremlin.

"No one can assure safety from Putin. He can only be discouraged from further attacks through strength. If we exhibit weakness, Putin will ruthlessly exploit it," Nico Lange warns.

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