NewsGerman Catholic parish sells church due to dwindling faith and funds

German Catholic parish sells church due to dwindling faith and funds

A small number of faithful led to the sale of the church in Lispenhausen.
A small number of faithful led to the sale of the church in Lispenhausen.
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6:11 AM EDT, March 16, 2024
Lack of faith and financial difficulties have compelled the Catholic parish in Lispenhausen, central Germany, to put its church, rectory, and monastery up for sale. "It's a harsh but necessary step," says Deutsche Welle’s Dean Andreas Schweimer, who has listed the properties on a well-known website.
The church, along with its rectory and monastery, has been priced at approximately $434,000, which equates to nearly 1.7 million zloty. Nonetheless, the final selling price might be negotiable, as indicated in the advertisement.
In a discussion with the Catholic website, Dean Andreas Schweimer shared that the church had seen dwindling attendance, with only about 10 percent of the local population identifying as Catholics and merely 6 percent regularly attending services. "Selling this church symbolizes a retreat of faith," the clergyman remarked. The properties sprawl over nearly 18,300 square feet.
The advertisement details that the property for sale includes a Catholic church constructed in 1963, a rectory, an intermediary wing linking to 8 monastery cells added in 1980, as well as a driveway and parking spaces, all situated in the Lispenhausen district of Rotenburg. It mentions, "Located atop a hill in the city's center, the property boasts a magnificent view of the Fulda valley. The buildings are suitable for both spiritual and residential uses."
According to radio SWR3, close to twenty offers have been submitted, with three currently under serious consideration. However, the Fulda diocese must approve the final sale. There is one stipulation: the property cannot be sold to "non-Christian religious or ideological groups."
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