LifestyleGeranium care secrets: Long-lasting blooms with two simple tips

Geranium care secrets: Long-lasting blooms with two simple tips

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2:48 PM EDT, May 29, 2024

Geraniums are popular flowers that adorn many balconies. They are inexpensive, easy to grow, and pleasant to the eye. If you want to enjoy beautiful flowers for a long time, follow these rules, and the geraniums will bloom until the fall.

Geraniums originate from South Africa but quickly adapt to Asian and European conditions. Their true beauty reveals itself in the warm months when cascades of delicate, multicolored flowers appear on the stems. If you want geraniums to decorate your balcony throughout the season, follow two simple rules.

Want your geraniums to bloom all season? Follow these two rules

Geraniums love warmth and sun, so if you want to enjoy their beauty all season long, you must provide them with a suitably sunny spot. Right after purchasing a seedling, you should place it in the sun as soon as possible. This will make the plant bloom faster.

When temperatures exceed 68 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, geraniums should be watered twice daily, preferably in the morning and evening. Be careful not to water them too abundantly, as geranium roots store water, allowing you to go away for the weekend without worrying that the plant will wilt. During watering, it is worth thoroughly inspecting the plant. If there are any dry stems or leaves, they should be removed as soon as possible. This simple procedure will extend the flowering period of the plant.

Put in a pot with drainage to avoid overwatering

Although geraniums should be watered even twice a day in the summer, care must be taken to avoid overwatering them. Excess water can lead to root rot and, in extreme cases, even the death of the plant. Fortunately, this can be prevented. Plant it in a pot with drainage. Drainage will immediately remove excess water, preventing it from accumulating in the soil. If you do not have a pot with drainage, you can drill a few holes in the outer pot.

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