LifestyleGeneration Z swaps wild parties for reading sessions in libraries: A new trend revealed

Generation Z swaps wild parties for reading sessions in libraries: A new trend revealed

"Zetki" are no longer partying in clubs. A new trend is conquering the net.
"Zetki" are no longer partying in clubs. A new trend is conquering the net.
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8:11 AM EST, February 4, 2024

Several foreign publications, including The Telegraph, The Guardian, and Daily Mail, have pointed out a new trend among young people. Interestingly, the 'Zeds' are currently more likely to avoid wild parties and time-consuming club outings. Instead, they can often be found in...libraries. But not necessarily just for reading.

Locating 'Zeds' in Libraries

Generation Z not only leafs through books but also establishes communities where they can share their love of literature. It seems that for 'Zeds,' the library is an ideal hangout spot. Here, they spend spare time, film short videos for TikTok, and occasionally, even pursue romantic interests.

The Daily Mail reports, young people prefer attending 'reading parties,' where they collectively sit and read the same book while listening to music. TikTok videos showcasing 'Zeds' preparing for the library visit, selecting the right outfit, and filming themselves with books as a backdrop, are progressively becoming a hit.

Henry Earl, a student from New York who runs a TikTok account under the pseudonym @henry_grey_earls, frequently posts videos from the library.

This trend not only encourages reading but also aids in fostering tight-knit communities. Shared passion for literature often becomes the catalyst for forming new friendships.

"We traditionally perceive libraries to be quiet places and some certainly are. However, observing Generation Z in libraries, we realized that libraries serve as fantastic spaces for teenagers. There are large rooms where they engage in activities like gaming or creating their own music," said Rachel Noorda, an English adjunct at the University of Portland, in an interview with The Guardian.

Digital Discussions on Books

'Zeds' express their love for books using modern technologies. Bookstagram, BookTok, and BookTube are three online platforms where content related to literature is the main focus. Here, Generation Z discusses their thoughts on the plot or a specific author's writing style and recommends books to one another.

Bookstagram is a digital space on Instagram for bibliophiles. BookTok is a dedicated literature space on TikTok. BookTube is a YouTube video-making community centered on books. Longer videos enable detailed book discussions. All of these platforms aim to unite reading communities.

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