NewsGeneral Kimmitt outlines a strategy to bolster Ukraine against Russian might

General Kimmitt outlines a strategy to bolster Ukraine against Russian might

Mark T. Kimmitt pointed out key aspects of helping Ukraine in the fight against Russia.
Mark T. Kimmitt pointed out key aspects of helping Ukraine in the fight against Russia.
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9:56 AM EDT, May 9, 2024

Retired U.S. Army Brigadier General Mark T. Kimmitt shared a three-point strategy in "Politico" to support Ukraine's resistance against Russia. He asserts, "The West has been subjected to Russian propaganda and psychological warfare for years now, but we have an equally robust set of tools — and it’s time to use them fully," the expert states.

Today marks the 806th day of the war between Ukraine and Russia. Amidst grand celebrations of "Victory Day" in Russia, the situation on the frontline deteriorates for Ukraine. The increasing might of the Russian military, coupled with the Ukrainian army's dwindling weapon and personnel resources, sparks discussions about the potential deployment of NATO troops into the conflict zone.

Meanwhile, "Politico" expert Mark T. Kimmitt highlights three crucial strategies for Ukraine's effective defense. According to the retired general, the West has yet to act decisively enough to aid Ukraine against its formidable adversary.

He points out that a lack of action, partly due to the Kremlin's threats, has inadvertently empowered it. Kimmitt argues that a robust and direct response is needed to halt Russia's advances.

The American general stresses "the current need for a resolute response in Ukraine to ensure Kyiv's endurance in the conflict." He advises that the USA and its allies should emulate Great Britain's approach, easing restrictive regulations on weapon deliveries to Ukrainian forces and permitting strikes within Russia itself. Despite providing additional aid to Ukraine, Kimmitt emphasizes the necessity of this authorization to hinder enemy forces, which could be decisive in Russia's victory.

American military officials deem the current risks of supporting Ukraine as "manageable," signaling the need to embrace slightly higher risks and tap into reserves to prevent defeat. "Winning wars is expensive, but not nearly as expensive as losing them," General Kimmitt wrote in "Politico".

Amid the conflict in the Gaza Strip and the upcoming U.S. presidential elections, General Kimmitt advises the Biden administration to continuously remind Americans of the repercussions should Ukraine fall. He suggests American forces fully engage in the information war to disseminate the truth throughout Russia.

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