NewsGen Zer has left her job. She had enough of "full-time acting work"

Gen Zer has left her job. She had enough of "full-time acting work"

Work. A representative of Generation Z left the corporation because she had enough of "full-time acting work".
Work. A representative of Generation Z left the corporation because she had enough of "full-time acting work".
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7:39 AM EDT, October 2, 2023, updated: 9:04 AM EDT, October 5, 2023

A TikTok video of a 23-year-old who quit her job at a large company because she was tired of acting is gaining popularity. As it seemed to her, that's what corporate work culture demanded. Now she advises other Generation Z representatives to always stay true to themselves at their workplace.

Hannah Shirley recently left her job at Udemy, a company involved in education technology. The 23-year-old technology worker had enough of the corporate culture, which reminded her of full-time acting work.

Working in a corporation is like acting in a play

She shared her thoughts about working in a corporation on TikTok, which caught the attention of the American portal As she stated, it kills the authenticity of employees, and her behavior will improve not only corporate culture, but also the mental health of employees.

Why do we show up every day and pretend that our true passion in life is company development? - Hannah Shirley asked in a clip that has over 360,000 views.

A representative of Generation Z also complained about the absurdity of corporate jargon. In her company, terms like "boiling the ocean" (unnecessarily complicating a task) and "building an airplane in flight" (making decisions while working) were used.

Generation Z is not lazy, they are just ready to point out mistakes

In a conversation with the portal, she stated that specific elements of corporate work annoyed her from the beginning.

I felt as if I was putting on this mask and being very professional simply because that's how all previous generations created the world of corporations - said Hannah Shirley.

At her corporate job, she didn't feel like she was living her own life, but rather had to play a role expected by the conventions established in corporations. In the long run, this was mentally exhausting and sometimes even physically.

Therefore, she is glad to be a representative of Generation Z, which - as she stated - although it is regularly criticized for laziness or questioning everything, in reality her generation "is brave", because "it identifies things that might not make sense to us".

Companies need nonconformists

At we recently wrote that companies need employees who stand out. It is mainly they who can push its development in a new direction - emphasized William Arruda, a career development specialist.

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