TechGear up for Spring. Essential bike accessories for a safe ride

Gear up for Spring. Essential bike accessories for a safe ride

Gear up for Spring. Essential bike accessories for a safe ride
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8:17 AM EDT, April 12, 2024

With the arrival of spring, many of us opt for bicycles as our preferred means of transport or leisure activity. Yet, the bicycle alone often doesn't suffice for a comfortable and secure journey. Various accessories become essential, enhancing the ease of our ride and ensuring our safety, preparing us optimally for the biking season.

A pump is a necessary accessory

Ensuring your bike has the correct tire pressure boosts your riding comfort and prolongs the life of your tires and inner tubes. Hence, owning a bicycle pump is crucial. The VIMILOLO pump is versatile and suitable for inflating bike tires, balls, and even car tires.

VIMILOLO bike pump
VIMILOLO bike pump© Amazon

Bicycle security

The concern for our bicycle's security, whether left outside a store or at home, is real. A robust bike lock, whether a chain or a braided steel cable, can offer peace of mind. Master Lock's solution involves a code-locked steel cable, eliminating worries about key misplacement.

Master Lock bicycle lock
Master Lock bicycle lock© Amazon
A loud bell

The necessity of a bicycle bell cannot be overstated when sharing roads. Bicycles are inherently quiet, and a bell allows us to alert pedestrians and motorists of our presence. However, standard bells may not suffice. The ROCKBROS bell stands out for its significantly louder sound, ensuring you are heard well in advance by others.

ROCKBROS bike bell
ROCKBROS bike bell© Amazon

Bicycle backpack

For extended rides, a practical backpack is indispensable. The INOXTO backpack not only accommodates your essentials but also includes a water compartment, saving you the hassle of reaching for a bottle. Its versatility makes it suitable for running or even mountain treks.

INOXTO sports backpack
INOXTO sports backpack© Amazon

Bicycle lighting

The significance of bicycle lights, for visibility and safety, cannot be overstated, especially during nighttime riding. The waterproof Victoper Bike Light LED not only ensures visibility in the dark but does so with an impressive brightness of about 1500 lumens.
Victoper bicycle light
Victoper bicycle light© Amazon

Bicycle cover

Proper storage is as crucial as servicing your bike, especially when indoor space is lacking. The Puroma bike cover offers protection from rain, dust, snow, and sun, courtesy of its waterproof material and UV filters. Additionally, it is designed with a space for a bike lock, offering an extra layer of theft protection.

Puroma bike cover
Puroma bike cover© Amazon
A puncture-proof inner tube
Slime bicycle tube
Slime bicycle tube© Amazon

A puncture can disrupt your ride, more so during long trips. While carrying a spare inner tube is a viable preventive measure, a more convenient option is available with Slime's sealant-filled tubes. They immediately seal any holes caused by wear or cuts, effective for up to two years.

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