NewsGaza Strip cut off from the internet. Is Israel preparing an invasion?

Gaza Strip cut off from the internet. Is Israel preparing an invasion?

Gaza Strip cut off from the internet
Gaza Strip cut off from the internet
ed. TWA
6:54 AM EDT, October 21, 2023

The Gaza Strip has been cut off from the network. It is not clear what caused this. However, it is known that the telecommunication infrastructure in the Gaza Strip was previously damaged by the actions of the Israeli military.

Data from NetBlocks, a company that monitors internet outages based in London, suggest that one of the leading internet providers in the Gaza Strip has lost its network connection. The problem mainly affects the northern part of the area.

Access to the network was already severely limited when most of the telecommunications infrastructure in Gaza was damaged or destroyed as a result of Israeli airstrikes.

The bombings, which took place a week ago, destroyed two out of the three main mobile communication lines, leaving only one functioning line, which was operating with massive difficulties due to the load.

According to NetBlocks, connectivity in the Gaza Strip reached 58 percent on Monday morning. Now it has virtually dropped to 0.

"The operation can be very bloody"

- An Israeli ground operation in Gaza will be very bloody and very nasty, and a high number of casualties is inevitable - evaluates Philip Wasielewski, former marine infantry officer, and analyst for the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

- Let's not kid ourselves, it will be very bloody and very nasty due to the psychological effect of these terrorist attacks against civilians. This will not be a sterile operation - says the expert.

As he assesses, Israel has two options to choose from if it decides to enter Gaza: a punitive expedition or an occupation mission, against which US President Joe Biden has publicly warned Israel.

- Urban warfare is the heaviest type of war, especially in such densely built-up and populated areas. There, the defender usually has the advantage, and in this case, we are dealing with a very fanatical and obstinate defender - emphasizes Wasielewski.

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