News"Gateway to hell". The Russian army is suffering massive losses

"Gateway to hell". The Russian army is suffering massive losses

Ukrainians are destroying equipment and Russian troops near Avdiivka, the battles are very bloody.
Ukrainians are destroying equipment and Russian troops near Avdiivka, the battles are very bloody.
Images source: © Telegram | AFU
9:58 AM EST, November 7, 2023

Approximately seven thousand Russian soldiers have been killed in the ongoing battle for Avdiivka, a city in the Donetsk region. The Ukrainian forces have firmly held their ground here, successfully repelling the enemy's repeated attacks. Despite the heavy losses, Russian commanders are relentlessly sending people and equipment to the battlefield, determined to seize control of the city at all costs.

Avdiivka has become a veritable gateway to hell for Russian soldiers. For a month now, this city situated north of Donetsk has been a battleground, marked by tenacious Ukrainian resistance and staggering Russian losses. As each assault is thwarted, Moscow sends yet more troops and equipment to the front lines.

The cycle has been repeating for several weeks. Russian forces, bleeding heavily each day, are compelled to press on as the Kremlin seeks a triumph on the front line at any cost. The toll so far is around 7,000 soldiers, a hundred tanks, and 250 other armored vehicles lost by the attackers in the area.

This information was provided by the 47th Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on November 6th.

Russian forces are intent on commanding Avdiivka, regardless of the costly toll of lives on their side. Following the unrest that destabilized Donbas in 2014, Avdiivka was transformed into a fortress. Despite the Russians controlling Donetsk, the regional capital, Ukrainian forces fortified Avdiivka and today continue to defend it, draining the Russian forces persistently. Yet, the Russians keep attacking.

Attempts have been made to encircle Avdiivka, with the invasion actually making some progress to the north and south of the city. Nevertheless, a full encirclement remains a far-off goal, and the losses of the trespassers are already staggering.

Furthermore, the battle isn't over, as intense fighting ensues over the coke plant that Putin's forces have so far been unable to jeopardize. This is a critical moment of the confrontation, more severe than last year's conflict in Bashmoo. Soldiers often derogatorily refer to this gruesome clash on the battlefield as another "meat grinder".

Experts predict that the Kremlin will continue to push their commanders, with the aggressors likely to maintain their offensive over the upcoming months. Limited tactical successes may be achieved, but they will come at the expense of the lives of thousands of ill-prepared and demoralized Russian soldiers - admits John Kirby, spokesperson of the U.S. National Security Council.

Thanks to the actions of our defenders, Russian invaders have been unable to encircle Avdiivka - announced the command of the 47th Mechanized Brigade.

The Ukrainians remain unyielding. Even temporary retreats are quickly followed by well-planned counterattacks. Russians have ventured into the coke plant territory in Avdiivka, but their assault groups have been decisively routed. Even Russian commentators aren't touting victories on this front – a revealing silence. Despite their obvious advantages, the outcome has not been what they'd expected.

At present, the Russian command is readying a new large-scale offensive on Avdiivka, bringing reinforcements to its fringes. According to Ukrainian military expert, Olexandr Kovalenko, the force amassed near Avdiivka is double of what was seen during the Battle of Bachmut. They are well-equipped and prepared for battle.

Within a mile of the current frontline near Avdiivka, Russians have already begun constructing their fortifications. In anticipation, a significant amount of engineering equipment has appeared in the area, and the construction of cement structures is well underway. Once finished, it will be a challenging and gory task for the Ukrainian Armed Forces to recapture these positions – a reflection of the occupier's strongholds along the entire frontline.

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