TechGas stove maintenance: Simple tricks to cut your bills

Gas stove maintenance: Simple tricks to cut your bills

Now the gas stove doesn't generate costs and works great.
Now the gas stove doesn't generate costs and works great.
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7:12 PM EDT, June 24, 2024

Gas stoves are still present in many households, but we don't always consider the costs of their operation. Although few people realize it, small elements like igniters can contribute to unnecessary gas losses. How can you maintain the cleanliness of burners in a gas stove?

We often neglect regularly cleaning the gas stove. This is a mistake because we use it every day, and any small malfunctions or dirt accumulating on its surface can lead to financial losses in the long run. This simple trick can help you avoid a situation where the burners consume more gas than they should.

Home methods for cleaning burners in a gas stove

Burner nozzles clogged with food residues are a real nuisance, though we rarely notice it. Regularly cleaning their surface can lower gas bills, even with the same cooking frequency. So, what should you do to clean the burners and reduce costs?

Comprehensive gas stove cleaning is not just about removing the igniters and grates. Before starting, turn off the stove and wait until it has completely cooled. Then, a vacuum cleaner was used to remove the top dirt from the burners. Next, unclog the burners, which is crucial for their proper operation.

Sometimes, the nozzles are heavily blocked, and you must be dexterous to restore their proper functionality. The simplest way is with a copper wire, which can precisely unblock any obstructions. Just remove the burners and unclog them.

How to clean a gas stove?

Once the burners are cleaned, you can clean other stove parts. Dried dirt and grease negatively affect the stove's performance and increase operation costs. It's best to start by cleaning the stove grates, which often require some detergent.

Instead of ready-made cleaning agents, try a bath in baking soda and hot water. After three hours, the dirt on the grates will come off quickly. In the meantime, use a ball of aluminum foil and a mixture of baking soda and water to scrub the stove’s surface, which also needs refreshing. Finally, reassemble all the cleaned elements and watch your bills drop.

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