FoodGarlic-smelling hands? Discover how ground coffee and other simple tricks can swiftly erase the odor

Garlic-smelling hands? Discover how ground coffee and other simple tricks can swiftly erase the odor

Garlic smell on your hands? That's no problem.
Garlic smell on your hands? That's no problem.
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8:29 AM EST, February 12, 2024

Undoubtedly, we've all been in a situation like this once. While preparing a romantic dinner with the critical ingredient garlic (essential for dishes like pasta - a classic date night meal), we find ourselves frantically searching for a way to eliminate the lingering smell from our hands. Unfortunately, we then discover the harsh reality - soap provides no relief.

In such instances, it's essential to act swiftly but prudently. If we don't want to feel uneasy every time we reach for our partner's hand, we should adopt an effective method. As it turns out, removing the garlic smell is incredibly straightforward. We'll explain how in the sections below.

Eliminating garlic odors in moments

Some people are proactive and think about the potential problem of garlic-scented hands before they begin cooking, electing to wear gloves. This approach works, but we may not always have gloves in the kitchen. Also, not everyone enjoys cooking with gloves, and using them could potentially increase the risk of accidental cuts. Therefore, it's a bit of a compromising solution, isn't it?

Fortunately, removing the smell of garlic is not overly complex. There are several tried and true remedies. One of the most popular is the use of metal. This material, or more specifically, the iron ions within it, tends to draw the sulfur molecules that create the characteristic smells of garlic or onion. Restaurant chefs often have special metal soaps, but for domestic purposes, utensils or tools work equally well.

The second method is slightly more involved. You must create a salt and lemon juice paste, and then thoroughly apply it to your hands. This blend not only eradicates odors but also cleanses your hands from other stains. However, avoiding getting it into any wounds is vital, as this can cause discomfort.

Metal pulls out the smell of garlic.
Metal pulls out the smell of garlic.© Canva | ronstik

Our preferred method to eliminate the smell of garlic from our hands is by using... ground coffee. Sprinkle a little on the affected areas, then briskly rub your hands together for a short period. In no time at all, you can wave goodbye to any lingering smells and comfortably continue with your romantic evening plans without any embarrassment!

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