LifestyleGarlic and black tea: The new natural way to keep toilet spotless

Garlic and black tea: The new natural way to keep toilet spotless

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4:42 PM EDT, June 7, 2024

Are you looking for natural methods to keep your toilet clean? Most of them require the use of vinegar or baking soda. However, there is one more effective way to get rid of stains. Discover the secret properties of garlic.

Keeping the toilet clean is one of the challenges at home. How can you manage this without using chemicals? Fortunately, there are natural methods that are just as effective, and some of them don't even require the use of baking soda or vinegar.

Learn one of the ways to thoroughly clean and disinfect the toilet using garlic and black tea.

Garlic and tea mixture - a way to a clean toilet

Garlic has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, which help disinfect the toilet surface. Its allicin inhibits the growth of some harmful bacteria.


  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 bag of black tea
  • water


  • Peel two cloves of garlic and put them in a pot.
  • Cover the garlic with water thoroughly.
  • Put the pot on low heat and boil the mixture.
  • When the water starts to bubble, add the black tea bag.
  • Let the tea steep for a few minutes.

Toilet like new

Next, pour the mixture—ensuring it is not too hot—into the toilet, trying to distribute the liquid evenly over the entire surface of the bowl. Close the lid and leave it for the whole night.

In the morning, flush the toilet with water before using it. If necessary, you can use a toilet brush to remove any remaining dirt. However, this will not be necessary in most cases.

You can also add a few drops of essential oil, such as tea tree or eucalyptus, to enhance the antibacterial effect and give a pleasant scent.

Remember, regular cleaning of the toilet is vital to maintaining hygiene and preventing the growth of bacteria.

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