AutosGarage 54's latest feat. A stunning refurbished off-road Lada defying expectations and gravity

Garage 54's latest feat. A stunning refurbished off‑road Lada defying expectations and gravity

Łada on stilts. Is this still an off-road vehicle or already a monster truck?
Łada on stilts. Is this still an off-road vehicle or already a monster truck?
Images source: © Youtube | Garage 54

8:59 AM EST, December 18, 2023

Fascinating and often absurd car modifications have become legendary, attracting significant attention over the years. Indeed, it takes considerable creativity to execute such projects, and the Garage 54 channel is not short of this attribute.

The innovative team from Russia has previously attempted to fill tires with concrete, measured the distance that can be driven with an engaged parking brake, engineered a 6-wheeled Fiat Uno and a 14-wheeled Lada, and even experimented with wooden brake calipers. Thus, their latest project may not be as surprising, but it nevertheless leaves a significant impression.

Once more, they turned their skills to the classic Lada. With a simple modification of the portal axles, they increased the ground clearance by approximately 1 foot. It's challenging to describe it accurately, you simply have to witness it for yourself.

This modified Lada appears to be perpetually on the brink of disintegration. Yet, remarkably, the video reveals no breakdowns. This old sedan has been transformed into an off-road vehicle, proficiently overcoming obstacles that would typically be too high to traverse and effortlessly navigating demanding muddy terrains.

Ultimately, the car proved to be astonishingly durable, enduring all the tests thrown its way. The only notable disadvantage was the absence of drive to the rear axle. There was also a lack of brakes on the rear axle, although this detail seemed less important. Whether the elevated Lada will be fitted with four-wheel drive remains to be seen. While we can't predict if we’ll witness this, it's certainly worth hoping for.

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