Tips&TricksFuller lips without the fuss: Home remedies challenging expensive esthetic procedures

Fuller lips without the fuss: Home remedies challenging expensive esthetic procedures

How to naturally enlarge lips?
How to naturally enlarge lips?
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11:20 AM EST, January 28, 2024, updated: 4:44 AM EST, March 7, 2024

In previous decades, esthetic procedures were only accessible to celebrities and millionaires. The limited number of specialists in the field led to exorbitant prices for beauty treatments. However, with time, societal changes have allowed minor procedures to become affordable, even for those with a modest income. Many women dream of having fuller, plumper lips but are deterred by the fear of needles and the risk of complications post-procedure. As a result, several guides have surfaced offering advice on naturally enhancing the appearance of lips without resorting to invasive methods.

At-Home Tactics for Lip Enhancement?

There's plenty of advice available online for natural lip enlargement. For instance, women were once fascinated by the temporary effect of suction devices focusing on the lips. But despite the temporary visible enlargement, bruises would often develop shortly after use, counteracting any desirable effects.

There are several techniques to enlarge lips at home. One method involves manual stimulation using a homemade scrub. A mixture of sugar and some cooking oil when rubbed onto the lips can plump them up and remove dry flakes. Another method entails using a toothbrush, lightly brushing your lips can result in a subtle yet noticeable enlargement.

Achieving Fuller Lips through Makeup

Once the lips are well-exfoliated and smooth, the right makeup application can create an illusion of fuller lips. Start by outlining your lips with a lip liner, slightly extending beyond the natural lip line. This technique won't look exaggerated and will give the visual effect of fuller lips. For an even greater effect, the liner can be a shade darker than the lipstick.

Another method involves using lip glosses designed to plump the lips. These glosses contain mild irritants like chili extracts or a small amount of bee venom. Though they may cause an initial stinging sensation, they'll cause your lips to plump up after a few minutes. You can choose to leave your lips as is or apply a shiny lipstick. The cost of such glosses is usually affordable, approximately $5.25, and they can deliver results similar to a professional lip enhancement treatment.

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