NewsFrustrated passenger opens emergency door on halted Aeromexico flight, gets support from co-passengers

Frustrated passenger opens emergency door on halted Aeromexico flight, gets support from co‑passengers

The plane had a several-hour delay.
The plane had a several-hour delay.
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3:23 AM EST, January 28, 2024

This incident took place on January 25 in Mexico City. The airport officials stated the following day that one of the planes had to make a turnaround and halt on the runway due to a malfunction.

Passenger exits onto the airplane's wing

Passengers endured a four-hour wait inside the airplane. According to them, the atmosphere was oppressive due to a malfunctioning air conditioning system, coupled with the absence of water. Many passengers reported feeling unwell.

One passenger reached his breaking point. Consumed by anger, he opened the emergency door and stepped onto the airplane wing. He remained there for several minutes until security services swiftly apprehended him and handed him over to the police.

The occurrence resulted in the airplane being grounded, which led to further delays. The airline subsequently arranged for a replacement plane.

Interestingly, many passengers did not harbor any resentment towards the individual who opened the emergency door. They believed he had acted correctly by ushering in fresh air for those on board, underlining the extreme conditions within the airplane.

A petition was initiated to support the man's defense. As many as 77 passengers signed it, emphasizing the lack of water and air conditioning during their wait. Surprisingly, the airline did not censure the man's actions.

"The delay and lack of air conditioning created conditions that endangered the passengers' health. He saved our lives," states the document.

According to the airport administration, the man's act was of minimal harm. Given that the airplane was immobile and no one was injured or put at risk, his action was seen less critically.

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