FoodFruit snacks and yogurts: The unexpected diet pitfalls

Fruit snacks and yogurts: The unexpected diet pitfalls

Fruit yogurts in the refrigerator
Fruit yogurts in the refrigerator
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12:38 PM EDT, June 5, 2024

Do you want to lose a few pounds by summer? Many people have such plans now and are looking for healthy, delicious, and low-calorie snacks. They often choose those based on fruits because they seem to be a better alternative to chocolate or nuts. However, that is not necessarily the case.

When looking for healthy snacks, you have to be cautious. Some products seem light, nutritious, and ideal for a weight-loss diet, but that's just an illusion. Dr. Liu, who runs the YouTube channel Healthy Immune Doc, highlighted a few of them.

Seemingly healthy snacks under scrutiny

Some might be surprised, but Dr. Liu has targeted fruit snacks. We often reach for them because they are as healthy as fresh fruits. Meanwhile, they can ruin your diet results. The doctor refers to popular fruit yogurts and fruit bars.

Sugar in fruit yogurts is to blame

Fruit yogurts and bars often contain a lot of sugar. This leads to an increase in glucose and insulin levels in the blood, which directly affects the weight loss process, making it more difficult. The doctor emphasizes that fruit yogurts can contain even more straightforward sugars than ice cream. This is particularly problematic for people who do not exercise and have a low level of physical activity. In these cases, losing weight with such snacks will be challenging. Some might even notice weight gain, even though they seemingly don't eat anything calorie-dense.

Impact on metabolism

The following censored product is fruit bars. You must be as careful with them as with yogurts, especially when you see the label "with added sugar." The doctor advises being wary of one more thing. Sugars such as honey, agave, maple syrup, or fructose can also be in these products. When our diet includes too many of them, metabolism slows down. And this significantly hinders weight loss.

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