LifestyleFrugal TikTok user Beckie Adams splurges savings on nose job, provokes divided opinions online

Frugal TikTok user Beckie Adams splurges savings on nose job, provokes divided opinions online

That's what her nose looked like before. She spent a fortune on the "new" one.
That's what her nose looked like before. She spent a fortune on the "new" one.
Images source: © TikTok | beckieadams4

5:08 PM EST, February 7, 2024, updated: 4:00 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Rhinoplasty, quite commonly known as a nose job, is one of the most popular - and most expensive - plastic surgeries. Despite the hefty price tag, many women decide to go under the knife due to the sometimes remarkable outcomes. One such woman is Beckie Adams, who spent all her savings on undergoing the procedure and never looked back.

Paying a hefty price for her "new" nose

Beckie Adams was never fond of the appearance of her nose, particularly a slight hump. She made a point in her TikTok video of presenting herself as frugal and averse to splurging. However, she set aside all her savings for the nose job, getting it done at a clinic in Manchester. The outcome is truly breathtaking!

"It was worth every penny," she confessed.

Though she didn't outline exactly how much it cost her, the price range for a rhinoplasty in UK varies between four and seven thousand pounds. So, it's likely Beckie parted with at least about $21,773, a staggering amount indeed.

Web users divided in their views

Though Beckie is thrilled with her "new" nose, those who've commented on her posted video on TikTok have expressed differing opinions. The video, viewed over 300,000 times, has spurred comments ranging from some users lauding her natural nose as 'unique', while others lamenting that the post-operation nose looks 'typical'.

"Your natural nose was perfect", "Oh no, why did you do this?!", "Anyway, you look beautiful!", "Wow, I love your new nose" - are some of the comments below the video.

Interestingly, a Beverly Hills based plastic surgeon also offered his perspective under Becky's video.

"I'm a plastic surgeon, so let me say this: it was a great decision," he affirmed.

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