LifestyleFrosted nails: the chic winter trend to kick off 2024 at your nail salon

Frosted nails: the chic winter trend to kick off 2024 at your nail salon

"Frosted nails" are trending for January 2024.
"Frosted nails" are trending for January 2024.
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8:22 AM EST, January 5, 2024

In December, nails were mainly associated with red and green to pair with the festive Christmas spirit, and there was the pervasive sparkle characteristic of New Year's Eve. So, what should you request at the nail salon in January? Consider something more subtle. Something that seamlessly blends with the season of frostiness.

Say farewell, however, to meticulously painted snowflakes. Instead, give your stylist the new style cue: "frosted nails." Minimalists who, last year, were charmed with the styles of "clean girl" and "glazed donut" will likely be delighted by this design.

Nail design for everyone

"Frosted nails" suits all, fitting each hand regardless of the size and shape of the nail plate. Both young and mature people will find this style appealing. Therefore, it's incredibly versatile. This style is perfect for the carnival, yet it is also low-profile enough for the office. Do you now see why it's the go-to nail trend at the beginning of 2024?

What do the trendsetting "frosted nails" look like?

What is "frosted nails" styling really about? It’s about creating the look of a frosted surface. In other words, winter frost forms the theme here. How can you achieve such nails? Apply a fine, shiny, or pearlescent powder to a neutral base in light pink, beige, or white - you can cover either the entire nail surface or just the tip for subtlety. We've already fallen for them, have you? All that's left is to wait for the snow outside the window panes.

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