NewsFrontline video exposes neglect of Russia's injured soldiers

Frontline video exposes neglect of Russia's injured soldiers

The soldier showed the conditions in which the Russians "care" for the wounded on the front.
The soldier showed the conditions in which the Russians "care" for the wounded on the front.
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8:19 AM EST, November 26, 2023

An account from a Russian soldier casts light on the conditions Vladimir Putin's injured soldiers endure at the front. It is no secret that the Russian Federation's army is less than sympathetic towards draftees in combat or the injured and fallen on the battlefield. They prioritize their next assault and the fight for "Mother Russia".

A Russian soldier, going by the name "Archie", recorded a distressing video from the frontline, illustrating the conditions in which Vladimir Putin's army "treats" their injured during the war with Ukraine. He confessed to serving in the 255th Regiment of Small Shooters and having sustained serious injury. As a result, doctors amputated his leg in late September.

"Archie" brought a camera into the tents for injured soldiers, revealing the aftermath of his operation. He was discharged from the field hospital and subsequently abandoned. He received no care, treatment, or attention. He had outlived his usefulness in an army demanding fit and robust soldiers.

The veteran shared the truly nightmarish conditions wrought on those like him.

The place where injured soldiers recover after the rough field hospital discharge is located in a remote area. This landscape is stark and desolate - there is no water, food, shops, or nearby military units to provide for the veterans. This, it seems, is quintessentially Russian.

This is what it has come to. They simply said: wait until tomorrow for your documents, then get lost - a Russian soldier grumbled.

What awaits these soldiers instead is dirt, cold, and an unending nightmare. If an injury once made one a hero, meriting praise and honour in Russia, that notion is starkly corrected here. "Archie" showed a tent housing close to a hundred soldiers recovering post the front. They are all injured, in need of care, but already deemed irrelevant by the army.

The soldier also exposed “medical" tents set up in an abandoned hangar. They were dirty, lacking heating, floors - problematic in winter - or any basic sanitation. As "Archie" confessed, his comrades are in dire need of treatment due to severe injuries. Yet, no one in Russia is batting an eye. Soon they will be sent home.

Thank you, Ministry of Defense, for the care! - the author of the video sarcastically jibes.

Russia continues to seek volunteers for the war front. These are needed for what has been termed as "meat storms". Raw and fresh draftees, akin to World War II, are sent in waves into the throes of death. This was the scenario last year in Bachmut, and it continues in Avdiivka, which the Russians are desperate to capture.

The result of this strategy is a heavy loss. Thousands of Russians have died since the war's onset. The death toll stands at 323,760. The injured, numbering twice as many, are ignored. Small wonder the army fails to attract volunteers, despite the high salary or appliances that the military extends to families of volunteers.

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