Tips&TricksFrom your cup to the toilet: Unlocking the unexpected cleaning power of tea bags

From your cup to the toilet: Unlocking the unexpected cleaning power of tea bags

Disposable tea.
Disposable tea.
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4:31 PM EST, January 8, 2024

Instant tea is quite popular. It's a simple, convenient beverage to make, and tea bags are typically much cheaper. However, it's neither the healthiest nor the most eco-friendly choice. If you're still not sold on loose leaf tea, and your kitchen cabinets are teeming with packets of tea bags, there are several proven ways to put them to good use!

Unusual uses for tea

One of the most common uses for used tea bags is as a compress for tired, swollen eyes, for instance after a sleepless night. If your eyes are tired, sore, and you seek some momentary relief, homemade tea compress could be useful. Thanks to the tannins in tea, which have an astringent effect, swelling around the eyes can be reduced. All you need to do is brew some tea bags, with green tea being the best choice. Once the tea is ready, set it aside to cool. The lukewarm tea should then be soaked into a tissue or towel and applied to reddened and irritated areas on the skin.

Clean your toilet with tea

It turns out, tea has many household uses. Interestingly, used tea bags can also serve as an effective cleaning agent for your toilet. Why? Because tea leaves contain enzymes that are incredibly potent in removing deposits.

How does it work? It's straightforward. Just toss a few (3-4) used bags into the toilet and let them sit for about 15-20 minutes. Then give it a thorough flush. Ideally, the deposit will vanish without a trace. Just remember not to overload the toilet with too many bags — they could cause a clog!

An internet-rattling experiment

Interestingly, this method is gaining increasing popularity on home management blogs, both Polish and foreign. Can the enzymes in tea really remove deposits? Why, then, do dentists caution us against drinking excessive amounts of tea, asserting that it can lead to discolouration of enamel? Thankfully, experimenting with this method is inexpensive, so if you're curious to see if it actually works, feel free to give it a shot. Again, don't use too many bags.

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