LifestyleFrom Vatican to Wyoming: American Teen's remarkable absence note signed by Pope Francis

From Vatican to Wyoming: American Teen's remarkable absence note signed by Pope Francis

Pope Francis signed a student's excuse for studies.
Pope Francis signed a student's excuse for studies.
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7:52 AM EDT, October 27, 2023

A 19-year-old American student has obtained an unusual excuse for his absence in his university. After spending four weeks in Rome for a religious event, he is now expected to return to his home country soon.

19-year-old Wyatt Olivas from the United States can brag about a unique document - an excuse for university absence, signed no less by Pope Francis himself. He is the youngest participant in the ongoing synod at the Vatican, according to Vatican News. After spending a month in Rome, this young Catholic activist must return to the United States to continue his studies.

The teen is a catechist and is currently studying at a university in Wyoming. He was invited to the synod as a representative of the youth.

Student requests an excuse from Pope

During the synod session held in the Hall of Paul VI, Olivas approached the Pope for an excuse for his university absence. His hope is to acquire some rest time upon his return to the United States, following the intense weeks in Rome.

Olivas will return from Rome on October 30. He is expected to be present at the university the following day. However, from his home city, it is a three-hour car ride to his university.

During the session break, the student chose to ask Pope Francis, who chaired the synod, to sign an absence excuse for his professors. The Pope assented promptly, signing his name "Francis" on the note.

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