EntertainmentFrom Top Gun to 'The Proposal': Why Netflix is banking on box-office hits

From Top Gun to 'The Proposal': Why Netflix is banking on box‑office hits

Netflix logo seen displayed on a smartphone.
Netflix logo seen displayed on a smartphone.
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3:13 AM EST, January 12, 2024, updated: 2:33 AM EST, January 30, 2024

Netflix is stopping to entice a global audience, investing heavily in its original content. It's shelling hundreds of millions of dollars to secure shows such as "Knives Out" and court Hollywood icons, from actors to directors. And this strategy is paying off. However, a noticeable shift is underway within Netflix's management team. Increasingly, previously released box-office successes, both old and new, are coming onto Netflix's offerings.

The latest to catch fire on Netflix is the comedy, "The Proposal". This comedy romp, which initially hit the big screen in 2009, stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. It quickly became the most popular title on the platform in 19 countries this week.

The enduring popularity of a film released over a decade ago might raise some eyebrows. But it's worth noting that Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are among Netflix's top draws. Two movies featuring Reynolds ("Red Notice" and "Project Adam") and one with Bullock ("Bird Box") are among the top five hits on the platform.

In the podcast "About Last Night," Sandra Bullock delved into the behind-the-scenes antics while filming "The Proposal." She gave a revealing insight into why she chose to take on the infamous nude scene: I only agreed with it because of its potential comedic value. The goal was to make it humorous for the viewers and awkward for the characters. I feel we managed to achieve that.

The Proposal - HD Trailer

- On that particular day, the set was closed off to any onlookers, and the crew was pared down to the absolutely necessary personnel. Naturally, both Ryan and I had flesh-colored material attached to our intimate areas to maintain decency.

- I was reclining on the floor, on my back, with my legs raised, and Ryan was positioned on top of me, propping up his weight on his knees to keep me comfortable. Then I heard the director shout, "Ryan, unfortunately, your 'bean bag' is showing!" I just thought, "Oh God, don't look down, don't look down." - Sandra Bullock shared, laughing.

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