NewsFrom the museum to the battlefield. Shock and disbelief in Putin's army

From the museum to the battlefield. Shock and disbelief in Putin's army

The Russians sent T-55 tanks to the front, which are machines from 1958.
The Russians sent T-55 tanks to the front, which are machines from 1958.
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2:06 PM EDT, October 25, 2023

Are tanks from 1958 capable of battling on the front in 2023? According to Russian commanders: yes! Such machines have been provided to Vladimir Putin's army as support on the battlefield. And they do not hide their immense surprise. The image of the "second army of the world," as they like to think in Moscow, continues to shock.

"The second army of the world", as Russians like to think and say about themselves, never ceases to shock. After aggression towards Ukraine, they are losing valuable equipment and people, but they still keep sending new "volunteers" and more machines. The catch is that not all can meet the demands of the modern battlefield. The reasons are really prosaic.

As Russian soldiers showed on Telegram, Moscow has sent them T-55 tanks for battle, which are de facto vintage designs. This is not a joke, these machines were in service in the 1950s, today they should be in museums, or perhaps on a pedestal. However, the Russians are beginning to run out of heavy equipment, so they send to battle what remains in the warehouses.

The soldiers themselves can't believe it. But they have no other choice.

Russian soldiers immediately boasted about their "new" acquisitions in social media, practically on Telegram, which is widely used by them. Ukrainian intelligence sometimes can't believe the constructions they see at the front line, and it will probably be the same this time. The old T-55 tank has a cage built on its turret to protect it from drones.

Can it perhaps assist such an outdated design on the battlefield? It doesn't seem so. We are in the 21st century and technological progress is enormous. Meanwhile, the T-55 tanks were in service from 1958-1981, and today they are in no way suited to the realities of the battlefield. In a clash with modern machines or armed infantry, they are and will be without a chance ...

But over 27,000 were produced in the USSR and today the Russians are literally airing out their armored warehouses.

Massive losses of Russians on the front, they are massively losing equipment and people

Recent reports have emerged that Ukraine now has more tanks than Russia. Experts estimate that Kyiv could now send up to 1,500 tanks into battle, while the invading forces have about 1400, significantly less than at the beginning of the war. The Russians do not take care of their equipment, as evidenced by the latest materials from the battlefield.

They're attacking recklessly, sending people almost certainly to their deaths. The same goes for heavy equipment.

They continue to suffer very high losses, and the effects of their bloody tactics are not visible on the battlefield. Ukrainians are well prepared to eliminate enemy units, but the numerical advantage of Russians is irrelevant. As for the equipment, after 1.5 years of fighting, the aggressor is no longer far ahead of the forces from Kyiv. They have lost a lot of heavy equipment on the front.

At the moment, they have lost over 295,000 soldiers and approximately 5,105 tanks. These losses are increasing every day and will be even higher by the end of the war. This war was instigated by Vladimir Putin.

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