SportsFrom tears to cheers: Taylor Ward's journey of adaptation in Saudi Arabia after husband Riyad Mahrez's surprising move

From tears to cheers: Taylor Ward's journey of adaptation in Saudi Arabia after husband Riyad Mahrez's surprising move

In the picture: Taylor Ward
In the picture: Taylor Ward
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5:03 PM EST, February 13, 2024

Saudi Arabia is increasingly becoming a choice destination for football stars, thanks to the generous displays of wealth by the sheikhs. Riyad Mahrez falls within the ranks of those enticed.

The Algerian made the decision to leave Manchester City for Al-Ahli last summer, a move that greatly unsettled his wife. This info came to light through a recent docuseries aired on the Amazon Video platform, showcasing the lives of football WAGs.

When Riyad informed Taylor they were relocating to Saudi Arabia, she broke down in tears. As a British influencer, she was filled with dread, fearing that she might end up leading a solitary life in such a remote place.

- It came as a huge surprise, as I was completely unprepared. Just moments earlier, we had plans for Riyad to return to Manchester City for the training period, and then suddenly, we had to move to Saudi Arabia. The task of planning the move was overwhelming. It was a huge shock because I wasn't expecting such a moment - explains Ward.

Taylor and Riyad have now spent over six months in Saudi Arabia. During this period, their lives were captured by cameras allowing their fans to get a glimpse of their adaptation to their new environment looks like. How does the influencer perceive the move today?

- Thus far, the experiences have been amazing. Granted, there's no alcohol here, so I can't enjoy a glass of wine. Honestly, it's not as bad as I first feared. The atmosphere is entirely different. It's more relaxed, quieter, calmer than the bustling life in Manchester. On top of that, the people here are wonderful. How kind everyone has been was a pleasant surprise. You can't compare it to the UK. So far, I'm enjoying it here. It feel like I'm constantly on vacation and I don't feel like I've actually moved here - she admits.

Riyad Mahrez has so far played 19 league matches for Al-Ahli and has delivered good performance, scoring eight goals and seven assists. His team currently holds the third position in the Saudi League, trailing 13 points behind the leader.

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