EntertainmentFrom Supernatural to superhero: Ackles as the next Batman?

From Supernatural to superhero: Ackles as the next Batman?

Jensen Ackles is best known for his role as Dean Winchester in the series "Supernatural".
Jensen Ackles is best known for his role as Dean Winchester in the series "Supernatural".
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5:23 AM EST, November 29, 2023

Jensen Ackles, famously known as one-half of the brotherly duo combating evil in Eric Kripke's series "Supernatural," has a shot at playing Batman in the revived DC universe. The actor's fans are convinced that there's no better fit for the role.

Screen Rant even vouched for him, describing him as the "perfect casting" for the said part. Covered Geekly portal claims that Ackles has expressed a personal wish to get the role. It wouldn't be his first rendezvous with the comic book hero; previously, he lent his voice to Batman's character in the animated films "Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One" and "Justice League: Warworld". But can his fans already raise their excitement for the live-action project?

Star under consideration

According to Covered Geekly, the director of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" trilogy sometimes checks fan proposals for actor choices, although he doesn't recall any occasion leading to actual casting. Nevertheless, comic fans persistently bombard him with their nominations.

Jensen Ackles, the 45-year-old actor, seems to be the crowd favorite. Known for his role in "Supernatural," which ended three years ago after a 15-year run, he left a lasting impact on audiences. Graphics published by the service envision what Ackles might look like as the brooding superhero, suggesting he would look quite fitting in a black costume.

Still, for Warner Bros. Studio and Gunn, their focus remains on the upcoming film "Superman: Legacy" set to premiere around 2025, featuring David Corenswet as the lead character. The director is also preoccupied with the HBO series "Creature Commandos," based on a comic by Pat Broderick.

Ackles' successful television career

Jensen Ackles will likely always be remembered as Dean from "Supernatural" by fans, having portrayed the character in 320 episodes across 15 seasons. Last year, he joined the third season of "The Boys," playing Soldier in seven episodes. Both shows were created by Eric Kripke, who also wrote "Generation V". All of these productions can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

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