US NewsFrom superfan to criminal: 'ChiefsAholic' guilty of robbing banks and laundering money

From superfan to criminal: 'ChiefsAholic' guilty of robbing banks and laundering money

Xaviar Babudar in arrest
Xaviar Babudar in arrest
Images source: © Tulsa County Sheriff

7:51 AM EST, February 29, 2024

Xaviar Babudar, famed among Kansas City Chiefs fans as "ChiefsAholic," admitted guilt to bank robbery and money laundering charges on Wednesday, marking the end of federal legal actions against him. Babudar, who had become a social media sensation for his fervent support of the team, was the focus of an extensive manhunt that lasted several months last year.

Thefts worth $800,000

According to the U.S. Attorney's office, he confessed to stealing over $800,000 from 11 bank heists spanning seven states and subsequently laundering the loot through local casinos. He entered a guilty plea to one charge each of bank robbery, money laundering, and interstate transportation of stolen property.

In his guilty plea, Babudar confessed to carrying out nine bank and credit union heists in 2022, along with two additional bank robberies while evading law enforcement authorities last year. He then laundered most of the ill-gotten gains through local casinos and online betting platforms, as the Department of Justice reported.

According to ESPN, Babudar must repay a minimum of $532,675 to the financial institutions he victimized and surrender any assets linked to his money laundering schemes. This includes a painting autographed by Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, which the FBI has already seized.

11 bank robberies

"Violent crime spree across the Midwest and beyond traumatized bank employees and victimized financial institutions in seven states," said U.S. Attorney Teresa Moore.

'Chief Aholic' was apprehended in Oklahoma the same month he faced charges for a bank heist at a credit union in the Tulsa area. After being granted bond release in February 2023, he severed his ankle monitor and escaped from Oklahoma days later. This prompted the FBI to launch a nationwide search, during which they discovered Babudar's involvement in additional bank heists throughout 2022, including successful and attempted robberies in states such as Nebraska, Iowa, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Minnesota. Babudar also engaged in laundering his stolen funds by placing multiple bets on the Kansas City Chiefs, with some wagers yielding returns of over $100,000, according to the Justice Department. Last July, He was arrested in Lincoln, California, when law enforcement officials located him - reports ESPN.

For many years, Xaviar Babudar, recognizable by his vibrant personality and distinctive wolf costume, was constantly present at Kansas City Chiefs games. He frequently appeared on NFL broadcasts and amassed tens of thousands of followers on Twitter via his account @ChiefsAholic.

Soruce: ESPN, Fox News

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