EntertainmentFrom 'Space Jam' to scandal: YouTuber exposes screenwriter's dark side

From 'Space Jam' to scandal: YouTuber exposes screenwriter's dark side

Influencer catching pedophiles caught a famous director
Influencer catching pedophiles caught a famous director
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7:29 AM EDT, May 12, 2024

Russian YouTuber and streamer Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is involved in catching pedophiles. This time, the celebrity discovered evidence of pedophilia in Hollywood involving one of the most popular American screenwriters.

Pedophile hunts are drawing global attention. Viewers from around the world watch videos of unsuspecting sexual offenders who are planning to meet with minors. Instead, they are met by cameras, police officers, and YouTubers or journalists who organized the sting. What follows is a predictable scene: the detainee protests, claiming ignorance of the child's age, while the detainers label the individual a pedophile.

American streamer uncovers a pedophile in Hollywood

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, a Russian residing in the United States, is known for his live streams focusing on exposing pedophiles. Broadcasting his activities on Kick platform, he has attracted nearly 167,000 followers. Vitaly is recognized for his no-nonsense attitude towards sexual offenders, having previously shaved the heads of those he's detained.

During a recent live stream, an event occurred that might disappoint fans of the film classic "Space Jam". One of the screenwriters of this 1996 hit, Herschel Alan Weingrod, was involved. Weingrod, who began his career with the movie "Cheaper to Keep Her" and found significant success with "Space Jam", has now come under scrutiny not for his cinematic achievements, but for quite the opposite.

Is the screenwriter a pedophile?

During the broadcast, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy and Bradley Martin captured the moment they confronted Herschel Alan Weingrod. The screenwriter was caught on a date with a 15-year-old girl, who had confirmed her age moments before he attempted to leave. Weingrod defended himself by claiming he believed she was 23 years old. When he tried to escape, Vitaly relentlessly pursued him, even launching pink and blue balls at him to aid in later identification.

Weingrod managed to flee into a skyscraper. The building's security guard prevented the streamers from entering, enabling the screenwriter to evade capture. Despite this setback, the video makes it clear that the local police were notified of the incident.

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