EntertainmentFrom soccer fields to jail: Luke Foster's fall enrages Rebekah Vardy

From soccer fields to jail: Luke Foster's fall enrages Rebekah Vardy

Rebecah Vardy was Luke Foster's partner.
Rebecah Vardy was Luke Foster's partner.
Images source: © Instagram | Rebecah Vardy
6:07 PM EDT, April 25, 2024

The fate of Luke Foster has taken some unexpected turns since he ended his soccer career. The Englishman was sentenced to three years in prison, a development that has infuriated his former partner, now Jamie Vardy's wife.

Luke Foster's professional soccer journey spanned over a decade and a half, where he didn't play for the top-tier clubs in England. Still, it showcased his talent at teams like Sheffield Wednesday, Oxford United, and Preston North End.

The curtain on Luke Foster's soccer career drew to a close in 2020, and not long after, he was dealt a significant blow. Foster received a three-year prison sentence for the illegal cultivation of marijuana and is now incarcerated in a Nottingham prison.

Luke Foster and Rebekah Vardy, now wed to soccer star Jamie Vardy, were once in a relationship that lasted six years. The pair welcomed a son in 2010 but went their separate ways in 2013.

Rebekah Vardy is reportedly furious with Foster, especially given that their teenage son will be without his father's support for the next three years.

"Her sole concern is to protect her son — making sure he’s surrounded by people who love him and that this has zero impact on his education and anything else that could affect a teenage boy," reported "The Sun" newspaper.

The breakup between Rebekah Vardy and Luke Foster was anything but amicable, with accusations flying from both parties. Foster labeled Vardy materialistic and unfaithful, while she maintained that her new relationship began only after they had separated. However, as time passed, the two have mended fences to some extent, moving on to start new families while co-parenting their son.

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