Tips&TricksFrom over 5,000 to one: How AI Assisted in a man's successful Search for Love

From over 5,000 to one: How AI Assisted in a man's successful Search for Love

A man dating online.
A man dating online.
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6:34 AM EST, February 9, 2024

Navigating the dating landscape in the 21st century is no small feat. When online dating profiles fail to deliver the desired outcomes, it can often prompt a search for alternative methods to connect with a potential partner. Engaging a professional matrimonial agency or a matchmaker is one such path, but it often comes with a hefty price tag. Not everyone has the financial means to afford such expert assistance. As they say, all is fair in love and war, so some individuals opt for rather unconventional solutions. This was precisely the approach taken by a confident man who decided to use ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence platform, as his professional aid in a wife-seeking quest – for free!

Single man utilizes AI in his quest for love

Aleksandr Zhadan shared his extraordinary story with Gizmodo. After splitting up with his girlfriend in 2021, he intensively searched for a new partner. His quest mainly involved setting up an account on Tinder and perusing the profiles of women registered on the platform. However, Aleksandr found that his daily hours on the dating app were becoming taxing. He engaged with numerous profiles, sending likes and messages and even going on dates. However, despite various encounters, he was still unable to find the right person. Eventually, tired of endless browsing, long conversations, and fruitless dates, he decided to augment his search efforts with ChatGPT!

Utilizing ChatGPT Chat to Find Love

Aleksandr chose to take matters into his own hands and repurposed OpenAI's GPT-2 as his personal dating assistant. This artificial intelligence entity conducted conversations on his behalf with as many as 5,239 women on Tinder. The program was designed to mimic Aleksandr, understand his interests, and even schedule personal meetings via Google Calendar. Remarkably, AI managed to arrange over 100 dates for Aleksandr. Notably, among the women selected by ChatGPT, Aleksandr found his future wife! His innovative venture of incorporating modern technologies into his search for a partner was a resounding success.

The Lucky Lady Chatted with AI for Several Months

Over time, Aleksandr Zhadan's dating assistant narrowed the pool of potential life partners from over 5,000 candidates to just one woman. Her name was Karina Wialszakajewa. It's worth mentioning that, during the initial few months of online dating, Karina communicated solely with ChatGPT. As the relationship evolved, Aleksandr gradually took over the conversations. In the meantime, the digital wingman shifted focus from seeking more matches to advising Aleksandr on how to charm Karina and become a better partner for her.

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