HealthFrom omega-3s to foreign languages: Everyday habits to boost your brain health and memory

From omega-3s to foreign languages: Everyday habits to boost your brain health and memory

The woman is drinking coffee in the kitchen.
The woman is drinking coffee in the kitchen.
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1:09 PM EST, January 15, 2024

In this era of instant access to information, both our minds and we ourselves can become complacent. Aside from our daily responsibilities, we often lack the energy and time for additional challenges, which could potentially increase our fatigue. A comfort-oriented approach to life is the intellect's worst enemy. Without continuous learning and growth, we risk not only stagnation but even regression. So, how can we stimulate our brains?

Train your brain

Modifying everyday habits is the foundation for maintaining intellectual fitness for a long time. When these changes are adopted gradually, they become a part of our lasting routine. For the brain, it's not just our actions that matter, but our diet as well. Our brains thrive on omega-3 fatty acids, which enhance concentration and memory. These are abundant in fish, which we should eat more than just on Fridays.

These also contain beneficial proteins that help improve memory. Apart from fish, it's also beneficial to include pickles in our diet. Pickles can also be complemented with nuts. A memory-boosting diet should abound in fresh vegetables, dairy products, and whole grains. The saying "a healthy mind in a healthy body" is right on the mark, particularly when it comes to brain health.

Boosting your brain function

If you're focused on enhancing your intellect, it's essential to start stepping out of your home. This doesn't mean just going for walks, but also actively engaging in conversations and meeting people. Exchanging ideas, having discussions, and meeting inspirational people are excellent ways to stimulate your brain and increase your happiness hormone. Sometimes, a single thought-provoking sentence can trigger deep reflection, causing us to perceive things differently. We can do a great deal for our brains, and an excellent place to start is learning a foreign language. Many of us aspire to speak not just fluent English, but pursuing it is key.

Scientific research has shown that learning a new language stimulates and develops our brain, especially strengthening the hippocampus, the memory center. Activities like doing crosswords, sudoku, puzzles, writing, and learning music have a similar impact on brain health. You might have previously resisted intellectual efforts, but they need not be exhausting. If you choose training that aligns with your interests, you'll soon notice an improvement in your intellectual abilities.

Herbal teas for memory enhancement?

Nature has been gifting us with safe and effective options for centuries that can enhance our health. This is also true for the brain, and some of its preferred natural allies include chamomile, Japanese ginkgo, ginseng, and rose root. Select one or two options from this list and brew them several times a day. You'll notice improvements in your memory, reduced stress, and increased mental stimulation that can last for many years.

These logic puzzles will improve your brain
These logic puzzles will improve your brain© Pixabay | JeromeWare
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