LifestyleFrom nun to singing sensation: Cristina Scuccia's remarkable journey to 'The Voice of Italy' victory

From nun to singing sensation: Cristina Scuccia's remarkable journey to 'The Voice of Italy' victory

Cristina Scuccia won the show "The Voice of Italy".
Cristina Scuccia won the show "The Voice of Italy".
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11:13 AM EST, February 7, 2024, updated: 4:03 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Talent scouting through music programs has unveiled many amazing voices globally, one such talent being Cristina Scuccia. She created a stir in 2014 during "The Voice of Italy" with a standout performance of Alicia Keys' "No One." Adding to the surprise, she prevailed as the winner of that season.

From habit to singing

The majority of people would recall Cristina Scuccia from her days on "The Voice of Italy." After her thunderous victory, she appeared on several popular global television programs, showcasing her remarkable musical prowess. Despite her enduring faith, she chose to leave the convent and follow her passion for music. Renouncing her old life was challenging and required the assistance of a psychologist, but Cristina is content today.

Suor Cristina Scuccia - No One - (Alicia Keys)

"You have to listen to your heart with courage," she shared in one of the programs.

We can no longer see her former, austere self. Cristina relocated to Spain, took up a job as a waitress, and completely revamped her style. Nose piercing, heels, elegant clothes that include suits, blazers, and satin shirts - is the Cristina we're introduced to today.

Almost unrecognizable

Despite residing in Spain, Cristina Scuccia continues to perform on Italian television. Recently, snaps from the entertainment program "Verissimo" were uploaded on her official Instagram profile (boasting a community of 136,000 followers).

The ex-nun dazzled the viewers not just with her performance but also with her appearance. Dressed in a white, oversized suit embellished with sparking accessories and equally shiny heels, coupled with long dark brown hair and glowing makeup, Cristina Scuccia bewitched the audience.

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