TechFrom junk drawer to jackpot. Your old mobile phone might be valued up to $48,000

From junk drawer to jackpot. Your old mobile phone might be valued up to $48,000

The first iPhone was quite modestly equipped.
The first iPhone was quite modestly equipped.
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6:44 AM EST, February 6, 2024, updated: 4:11 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Enthusiasts who hunt for the most desired models by collectors are sometimes willing to spend up to 40,000 euros, equivalent to approximately $48,000. Such valuable models could lurk in forgotten drawers in the corners of our houses.

Belgian press reports indicate that items that used to be part of our daily lives gain unexpected value over time. Even furniture from popular IKEA has evolved into objects highly sought-after by collectors and actively pursued at auctions. This astonishing transformation also applies to some mobile phone models. As "Le Soir" reports, enthusiasts often search for these at flea markets or on eBay.

The most sought-after model among phone collectors is the iPhone 1, released in 2007. Its value on the auction market can reach up to 40,000 euros, as " Le Soir notes." This indicates that some devices, once everyday communication tools, have become genuine collectors' treasures today.

Among other phones that have appreciated, consider the Motorola Aura R1, known for its unique rotating keyboard, and priced at almost 1,000 euros, roughly translating to $1,200. Moreover, you'll need to be prepared to pay over 3,000 euros, or about $3,600, for the Motorola 8000X model. These examples ideally demonstrate how items once integral to our daily lives can, over time, morph into objects of desire among lovers of rare findings.

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