SportsFrom humble beginnings to football royalty: Ronaldo's journey revisited

From humble beginnings to football royalty: Ronaldo's journey revisited

In the photo, Cristiano Ronaldo. In the frame, a picture from his youth.
In the photo, Cristiano Ronaldo. In the frame, a picture from his youth.
Images source: © Licensor | Instagram Cristiano Ronaldo, Museum CR7 Funchal

4:22 PM EDT, April 24, 2024

Cristiano Ronaldo enjoys immense popularity as one of the world's most prominent soccer players. Occasionally, snapshots from his early days surface online, drawing widespread admiration. His museum in Funchal, Portugal, recently shared a photo from his childhood on Instagram, captivating his fans.

Despite achieving colossal wealth through his illustrious soccer career, Cristiano Ronaldo’s early life was marked by profound modesty. Born in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, he grew up in conditions of stark poverty, a topic he has often discussed in interviews.

At just 12, Ronaldo left his family to pursue his dream in Lisbon, joining the youth teams at the renowned Sporting. His museum in Funchal took the opportunity to reminisce about this pivotal moment.

A photo shared on Instagram captures him 27 years ago standing in front of a Sporting facility alongside his mother. It is challenging to see the slender, short-haired boy as the future football titan.

“Everything worthwhile demands sacrifice. At 12, Cristiano left Madeira for Lisbon to chase his dream of becoming the world's premier player. Being away from family was tough, but his eye on the prize lifted him to the pinnacle,” Ronaldo’s museum commented alongside the archival picture.

The photo quickly became a hit among his admirers, amassing over 220,000 views in just one day. Ronaldo himself amplified its reach by featuring it on his Instastories.

With Al-Nassr in the Arabian league, Ronaldo, at 39, continues to dazzle, boasting an impressive record of 36 goals and 12 assists in 37 appearances for the team.

He has a contract with the club that extends till next season’s end, netting him an eye-watering 200 million euros annually. This, coupled with lucrative endorsements and his various business ventures, significantly bolsters his income.

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