EntertainmentFrom Hollywood bad boy to spiritual devotee. Shia LaBeouf's conversion to Catholicism

From Hollywood bad boy to spiritual devotee. Shia LaBeouf's conversion to Catholicism

Shia LaBeouf was the chief scandal-maker in Hollywood.
Shia LaBeouf was the chief scandal-maker in Hollywood.
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11:23 AM EST, January 6, 2024

This is a standard narrative - youngsters who seem to have it all, only to squander their opportunities due to poor decisions, eventually tumbling from the showbiz Olympus. Shia LaBeouf's on-screen debut happened when he was just 12, and two years later; he garnered significant popularity with the family series "Even Stevens".

At 21, LaBeouf starred in "Transformers" by Michael Bay, followed by two subsequent sequels, and then a year later, in the critically panned fourth installment of the Indiana Jones saga, "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" by Steven Spielberg. A pivotal, though significantly different, turning point in his career was his role in "The Padre" by Abel Ferrara.

A spiritual transformation through film

LaBeouf's preparation for a leading role in a film about an Italian saint led him on his spiritual journey. In 2022, he announced his conversion to Catholicism. His decision was said to have been influenced by his time spent in a Capuchin monastery, particularly attending the Tridentine Mass, which left a profound impression.

This isn't the first time the actor has credited his work on set for influencing major life decisions in his personal life. Before his Catholic conversion, he had identified as a Jew; however, his role in "Fury" by David Ayer changed all that. In a 2014 interview with "Interview" magazine, he said, "I found God during the filming of 'Fury'. I became a Christian," adding that his co-star, Brad Pitt, played a significant role in this journey.

More than just words

At first, such revelations may have been dismissively regarded as another of LaBeouf's dramatic episodes. But it seems the actor is dedicated to his spiritual reformation. Page Six reported that the Capuchin friars' account stated that the controversial celebrity had participated in the Sacrament of Confirmation.

PADRE PIO Official Trailer (2023) Shia LaBeouf

"Shia LaBeouf, known in the entertainment industry for his unique talent and passion, has embarked on a profound spiritual journey that led him to embrace the teachings of the Catholic Church. His decision to fully join the Church attests to his sincere desire to deepen his relationship with God and embody evangelical values," reads the statement.

Moreover, one of the Capuchin brothers, who assisted the actor in spiritual preparations, revealed that since "The Padre", LaBeouf is considering becoming a deacon. This decision would signify accepting the first of three degrees of sacramental orders and offering support to priests during mass.

Shia LaBeouf received the sacrament of confirmation.
Shia LaBeouf received the sacrament of confirmation.© Facebook | Bishop Robert Barron
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