LifestyleFrom hidden gem to Hollywood haven: The transformation of Mawgan Porth

From hidden gem to Hollywood haven: The transformation of Mawgan Porth

Mawgan Porth attracts show business stars.
Mawgan Porth attracts show business stars.
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5:04 PM EST, December 11, 2023

Many people dream about living next to Hollywood stars, but it turns out this fantasy can also bring about anxiety. The residents of a small village, Mawgan Porth, are currently facing this conundrum, fearing they may soon get driven out of their homes.

Mawgan Porth, a small village in North Cornwall, has a scenic location along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Recently, this appealing setting has attracted a multitude of show business stars, eagerly purchasing real estate and looking over the captivating views.

Small village becomes preferred choice for stars

Cate Blanchett initiated the influx of famous personalities into Mawgan Porth. The critically acclaimed actress was one of the first international stars to buy a house in Cornwall.

She was swiftly joined by other notable figures like actors Jamie Dornan and Jason Momoa, model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and the frontman of the band Coldplay, Chris Martin. This surge of interest from celebrities spurred developers to transform the small fishing village into a glamorous holiday resort for the rich and famous. This phenomenon has led to the construction of vast, opulent villas replacing the erstwhile humble bungalows, causing deep concern among long-time residents of Mawgan Porth.

Rapid changes fueling anxiety

Within just two years, Mawgan Porth has transformed into a bustling construction arena with more homes being knocked down. Since 2021, over 20 extension permit applications have been lodged and more are still incoming.

This rapid development is breeding anxiety among the residents of Mawgan Porth who are confronted with the negative repercussions of such intense development regularly. However, these concerns do not extend to their affluent neighbors, who occasionally visit their newly acquired properties for holidays.

"We are terrified at the pace of this process", says Stacy Davies, a Mawgan Porth resident, in an interview with The Mirror. "Major adjustments to the landscape in such a short span are certainly causing distress amongst us. We are not against improvements, but large estates hardly reflect 'improvement'," she added.

Mawgan Porth is famous for its picturesque cliffs and beautiful beaches.
Mawgan Porth is famous for its picturesque cliffs and beautiful beaches.© Adobe Stock | Anthony Brown

Development - A juggernaut hard to halt

Mawgan Porth residents fear a relentlessness in developers until each existing dwelling has been replaced by another residence. Numerous residents are already facing propositions from real estate hunters offering hefty sums for houses not even available for sale.

"This is absolute madness", said Kim Emmett, whose elderly mother was offered two million pounds to sell their family home, to Falmouth Packet.

"The only silver lining is the limited number of houses left in Mawgan Porth to be demolished. Regrettably, the massive influx of wealthy new residents could inflate living costs to a point where locals can't afford to stay in their home village," she added. She expressed relief at the UK government's initiative announced earlier this year to curb excessive construction of holiday residences by tightening building regulations.

Mawgan Porth – A hidden gem of Cornwall

Long before it became a hotspot for show business stars, Mawgan Porth was a beloved holiday destination among the locals of Cornwall. The area, recognized for its majestic cliffs and expansive, sandy beaches, has always been a regional favorite.

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