LifestyleFrom fetching balls to fetching big bucks: How two dogs earn their owner £100K a year

From fetching balls to fetching big bucks: How two dogs earn their owner £100K a year

Ursula is an agent for her dogs.
Ursula is an agent for her dogs.
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9:38 AM EST, January 28, 2024, updated: 4:44 AM EST, March 7, 2024

The Instagram handle, @hugoandursula, currently boasts 321,000 followers. The friendly Labrador, Ollie, cared for by 23-year-old Alex, has an even greater following and enjoys millions of views on his TikTok videos. According to "The Guardian", the popularity of animal influencers is soaring. The Internet crowd adores watching animals, and large brands are cashing in on this trend, leading to substantial earnings for pet owners.

Hugo and Huxley's dedicated agent

Aitchison, the owner of Hugo and Huxley, doesn't have another job. Her full-time commitment revolves around securing advertising contracts for her pets, escorting them to photo shoots and promotional venues, and managing their social media presence, which is an essential part of their popularity. She confirms that her pooches earn a minimum of 100,000 pounds (~$131,200) annually. When freebies and gifts from companies are counted, the total value can reach up to 150,000 pounds (~$196,800).

Today, Hugo and Huxley endorse everything from rain boots to ferries, covering an extensive range that includes cars, food, clothing, and travel. In a "Guardian" article, experts affirm that even luxury brands like Prada and Moncler are investing in animal influencers as the market for high-end pet clothing and accessories is valued at $5.7 billion annually. Currently, the most sought-after influencers are... rabbits, largely due to the arrival of the Chinese Year of the Rabbit.

Profiting from her pets

Ursula Aitchison hadn’t intended for her dogs to have such successful careers. Initially, she was a photographer who enjoyed capturing moments between people and their cherished pets. However, she soon realised that Hugo had a natural rapport with the camera, prompting her to capitalise on this.

In an interview with "The Guardian", Aitchison noted that a "superdog" like Hugo and Huxley can earn up to 750 pounds (~$984) a day.

The rising popularity of Instagram accounts dedicated to pets, such as dogs and cats, is undeniable. Some of these accounts might replicate the success of Hugo and Huxley, while others merely bring joy to their owners and followers. These accounts also foster a sense of community among animal lovers by arranging shared walks, exchanging experiences, and lifting each other’s spirits.

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