EntertainmentFrom child queen to teen influencer: How Paisley Langworthy evolved

From child queen to teen influencer: How Paisley Langworthy evolved

At the age of 9, she was a little miss. That's how Paisley Langworthy changed.
At the age of 9, she was a little miss. That's how Paisley Langworthy changed.
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Ignacy Węgrzyn

11:04 AM EDT, April 20, 2024

A few years ago, Paisley Langworthy gained significant attention in the media as a young beauty queen. Her photos, often featuring bold styles and heavy makeup, sparked considerable debate. Now 16, the American participates in beauty contests, showcasing her evolution.

Children's beauty contests have always been a topic of debate, stirring controversy about the suitability of such events for young participants. In recent years, discussions about the negative effects of these contests on the mental health of growing girls have become increasingly prevalent.

Paisley Langworthy first caught the public's eye as a young participant in beauty contests, experiencing a surge in popularity in 2019. At just nine years old, Langworthy won the title of child miss and quickly became a media sensation, with her images spreading rapidly online.

From a nine-year-old beauty queen to teenage grace: The transformation of Paisley Langworthy

Langworthy, at nine, was known for her heavy makeup and bold outfits, creating a buzz, especially with photos of her in a swimsuit or revealing attire. Stripped of the makeup, false eyelashes, and styled hair, the young beauty was almost unrecognizable.

Continuing her journey in the beauty pageant world, Paisley Langworthy has not stepped back from the spotlight. As a teenager, she recently claimed the title of "Miss Missouri JR High" and has become an active presence on social media, amassing a large following. Langworthy confidently shares photos featuring bold makeup and styles, inviting her audience to witness her growth and transformation. Has she changed much? Take a look and see for yourself!
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